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Cold Web
I want Mummy
We Will Remember Them.
Eating Irons
Flowers For Bruce # 4
Flowers For Bruce #1
Wainting to open.
Waiting for spring.
" Feed me 2"
"Full Moon"
"Play with colour"
"Light on Rose"
"Misty Morning"
"Strelitzia Reginae"
"Early morning training"
"Pokeko Meets Flowerpot Man"
"Out in the winter sun"
"View from our deck"
"What is it we can help you with today Sir"
"Fun in the Park"
"Please Rain"
"Tolaga Bay Wharf"
"Te Waha o Rerekohu"
"The Residence"
Te ara Ki Te Tairawhiti The Pathway to the sunrise
"Fairy Town"
"Hard As"
"Clearance For Takeoff Please"
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
"New Zealand Landscape"
"Bath Time"
"Clenet Continental Roadster"
"Through The Looking Glass"
"Any colour as long as it's Black"
"Dark Mountain"
"A Time To Reflect"
"Working Hard"
"The Hug"
"Part Of France In Auckland"